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Our Vision

To be a large, healthy, vibrant, family church impacting communities for Christ, both locally and globally.


When we use the word large it’s not just numerical growth, but growth as individuals, large in our ability to dream, large visions, large people who take large steps of faith, and do big things for a big God. We believe God wants to challenge us all to be bigger, better people.


We want healthy families, in their lives, spiritual, emotional, physical healthy and finances. People who are mature in Christ.


We want to be full of life and vibrant and energized by the Holy Spirit, in our praise, our worship and the way we do church and the way we do life.


We want to be family, where everyone has an opportunity to belong, from the youngest to the oldest. We value relationships. We don’t believe we will always be right but we will fight fair and fight to keep in right relationship. This is reflected in our style of worship as we use a broad range of styles to appeal to a large family.


We are the church, we are not a club or organisation we are the church the body of Christ in Jimboomba and its surrounding districts, we are his hands and his feet to this community.


Our Mission

Jimboomba Christian Family exists to empower people to impact communities for Christ.


Come - Connect - Commit

At JC family we encourage you to do three things:
Come: Attend each Sunday service.
Connect: Be involved in a Connect Group.
Commit: Commit to Christ first and foremost, then commit to the cause as a disciple of Jesus, commit to the vision, commit to the leadership, commit to serving in a team, and finally commit to becoming a member.


Our Steps


By Ps Phil Sharp

Follow one
Be one
Phil 3:10-17

We want to set an example that can be followed, I don’t tell people to do what I am unwilling to do. 99% of the time I am the first to arrive and the last to leave the church. I love my days at church. I don’t have my own private car park and I am not above the people I lead. We each have gifts and talent’s to bring and to use. I hope to set an example to you but I also believe you are setting an example to others.


By Ps Phil Sharp

To give courage or confidence
To embolden
To urge
To incite
Heb 10:25

I have often said criticism will change the culture but it won’t develop a culture we want. Encourage, copious amounts of grace. Jesus received Peter back into ministry after multiple problems and mistakes. Encouragement and exhortation are the key to our success.


By Ps Phil Sharp

To use
To exercise
To set a work in one's service
John 6:5-13

We believe each believer brings something to the table. We want to help you find your unique gift and use it, for the glory of God.


By Ps Phil Sharp

To open out
To form a more extended front
Matt 28:19-20

To form a more extended front. Every bit of ground we take is a celebration. We want to raise and release people into God given ministry, maintained by relationship.

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